How I decided to try traveling on my own

It is a cold and snowy afternoon…my French Bulldog is curled up snoring lightly on my lap and I am leaning over him to type this blog post.  My back is going to be so sore after I am done.  I want to try and blog more in 2018.  Documenting my love for art, travel and books.



I married in 2014, my husband and I have been together for ten years this February.  Two years after we married, we were fairly happy with how successful we have been at “adult-ting” – paid off our student debts, work steady jobs, bought a new house, a new car, a French Bulldog and ready to start a family.  However, trying to have a baby turn out to be taking much longer and more difficult than we had anticipated.  I am a fairly patient individual…I think I have to thank working in mental health nursing for that.  When I found out that having a baby was going to take a lot more patience and time, I thought about what else I could do with our disposable income instead of just blowing it all on designer purses.


When I was in Nursing school, I thought about travel nursing when I graduated.  So I thought travelling overseas on my own would be an interesting experience to have before I turn 30.  After reading some travel blogs and articles on how the modern “Solo Female Traveller” is “trending”…I booked a trip to Amsterdam and Copenhagen in the summer of 2016.  Made popular by movies like “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Wild” – the Solo Female Traveler persona seems to centre around “finding yourself” and “stepping out of your comfort zones and learning about yourself”.  Wonderful, I thought.  Now I am going to have people asking me why I am not going on vacation with my husband or if I am having a crisis turning 30.  Those that are close to me know that I care minimally about what other people think of me.  My feelings around having to “explain myself” to people could be an entirely different blog post for another time – which is never.

I want to acknowledge I am very lucky to have a husband that supports me in pursuing my interests and travels.  He trusts me to travel alone and not fall in love with another tall blonde European bus driver while abroad.  With some reservation, a mix of anxiety and excitement, I packed my yellow Kanken backpack (like all hipster travelers) with my new camera and Traveler’s notebook for this new adventure.




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