Osaka, Japan – Part 2

I loved Kyoto, It was my favourite part of the trip to Japan this time.  We rented Kimonos and took some photos around the studio.  If we had more time, we would’ve wore them around to the touristy sites like all other tourists walking around old japan.

Being in Kansai, naturally, we have to go to Nara to see the Deers.  We got some deer crackers for 5 dollars to feed the deers.  My favourite is the photo in which the deers looked like they were lining up to buy their own deer crackers! Haha.  The deers bow for their crackers, (I love the Japanese disciplined culture, even their animals are more polite than some human beings I know)

After the park and more sightseeing, we stop for lunch at this Soba noodle place.  It was delicious.  It was a fairly warm day, perfect for cold Soba noodles but I really wanted to try their specialty hot soba so I got that one instead (first world problems…I should’ve gotten both!)

The next part of our adventure is the infamous Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.  I couldn’t possibly leave Kyoto without visiting this place.  The photos don’t do it justice, there is a serene feel that you can only experience when you are there (among all the tourists! haha)  Even though there were soooo many people, I enjoyed the walk and the surroundings.  Some people travel to see and do things in places in search of solitude, I like to travel to touristy destinations to do touristy things like snapping selfies and eating the most popular food!


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