My Hometown: Hong Kong


It was 2013 (the year before my wedding) I went home with my mom.  We went in September and it was still unbearably hot and humid.  We were only there for about a week.  We had tickets to a Jay Chou concert at the Coliseum.  Hong Kong had changed so much from what I remembered.

I love “Chinese Breakfast” – it is cheap and delicious!  For less than $10 CAD, you can have a delicious and filling breakfast special to start the day.  It may not be the healthiest…but I love it.  “Chinese Breakfast” : Milk Tea, instant noodles with spam and eggs, congee, rice rolls…

Wong Tai Sin Temple – the most popular temple in Hong Kong!  I think it is the most popular because it had been around the longest, thus, most “effective” in getting what you wish for.  Worshipers bring incense sticks and offerings like chicken, roast pork and fruit to ask for good luck and spiritual advice. Most people seek advice on job matters, fortune and marriage.

Kau Chim (求籤) – a fortune telling practice that originated in China, in which the querent (person asking the question) requests answers from a sacred oracle lot.  To read about how it works: Kau Chim

My cousin in Hong Kong worked at this Ramen restaurant and she treated us to some delicious ramen!  The marinated egg in ramen is one of my favourite toppings…this was the best marinated egg I ever had (even after having Ramen in Japan, I never came across another egg that good…)  Here is a really good recipe/instructions on how to make it: Ramen Egg


I came across this Syphon Coffee pot at a cafe inside a shopping centre…I had no idea what it was back then.  My trip to Copenhagen in 2016 (read about it in my other post) that was my first exposure to this wonderful way of making coffee…  I came home and purchased a Hario Syphon Coffee Pot.  Making coffee using the Syphon Coffee pot takes more time and effort than using a French Press or the Pour over method.  When my friends come over for coffee, they couldn’t understand why I would revert to making coffee the slow way…  I like to take time to make things that I enjoy.  The problem with instant gratification is that rewarding feeling disappears as quickly as it appeared.   To read more about the Syphon Coffee Pot: The History of the Siphon Pot

The Jay Chou concert!  I think this was the first concert I ever been to with my mom and my first concert in Hong Kong.  There were 9 shows and they were all sold out!  My uncle in Hong Kong manage to get us two tickets.  They were giving out these giant glow sticks at the door and we each got two!  We had really good seats inside and I was ecstatic!  My mom though…her jet lag was catching up and she was getting really sleepy before the concert start…I am pretty sure at one point she nodded off…haha  My mom got her second wind half way into the concert, she got really into it and was waving those giant glow sticks cheering like a little fan girl…until she accidentally hit the head of the person sitting in front of her.

The day after the concert, mom and I went out shopping and we were in this really dingy shopping centre.  I was in this store looking at instax mini films when Jay Chou walked in!! (Insert Scream Face Emoji)  I was completely clueless…I was only a couple feet away from him! (Mom alerted me after the fact as he was walking out of the store with his many many assistances…  I can’t believe I was in the same store with Jay Chou! I mean…what are the chances? Hong Kong have 7 million people!  I was too shocked to react and didn’t get a chance to say “Hello, I came all the way from Canada for your concert last night!” (Other people got word that he was in the area shopping and the paparazzi and fan girls started showing up and chasing him out the building >.<) The night before Josh was joking about how he hope that I don’t meet Jay Chou because he would fall in love with me and I would become Mrs. Chou instead of Mrs. Lamoureux!  The next day I emailed him and told him how I ACTUALLY ran into him…Josh didn’t believe me until I show him the photos.


“Dai Pai Dongs” – Hong Kong Street Foods

I love eating at “Dai Pai Dongs” even though the surroundings look very unsanitary.  I think if you are use to eating at unsanitary places, your gut flora will just adjust and eventually you will have a stomach of steel immune to food poisoning.  To read more about where to go for Hong Kong Street Foods: Dai Pai Dongs



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