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My Very First Art Sale


In 2013, I worked hard to get over my fear of rejection and had my first art sale that summer with PARKSALE  It was a brutally hot day sitting at the park.  I had no experience in how to price my work or talk to people about my art.  I had many people admire the paintings with praises but no one was buying anything.  Near the end of the day I was getting discouraged as the weather turned windy and about to rain and I had sold nothing.  I was about to pack up when this lady purchased a painting that I had put in the pile last minute (I was not particularly happy with this piece myself so I was quite surprise that someone liked it)  Of course I didn’t make any money selling my painting (the cost of the booth was free) but my time and materials were not.  Naturally, I equated the lack of sale volume to people not liking my paintings.  But that is not what people tell me when they see my paintings (they all had positive things to say).

I read many articles online posted by successful self-promoted artists on how to sell your art and your story.  One common theme in how to be successful in actually making money in doing it is the time commitment involved.  Basically, it is a full time job.  The last few years I sold some paintings at a local “Under $100 Art Show” around Christmas time and it gave me a boost of confidence to continue participating in as many local art markets/shows as possible.



When I was in Amsterdam a couple of years ago, there was a Banksy exhibition…Banksy is one of my favourite artists.  I love his humour and perspective on buying and selling art.