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I joined Postcrossing.com last year to swap postcards with people all over the world.  I throughly enjoy it very much.  So far, I have received 47 postcards and sent 51!  Some of the postcards I received are hilarious!  What I enjoy most is the content and what random strangers from around the world write on the postcards…   Here are a few of my favourites:


My favourite one is the postcard fashioned out of a cereal box…  I read that postcrosser’s profile…he expressed that he does not like “handmade” postcards, he preferred “real” postcards of scenery, tourist attractions…etc.  Oh, the irony…



Snail Mail

In 2014, I stumbled across this neat little stationery store Nota Bene in Montreal… My love for Midori Traveler’s Notebook stationery began when I saw that cool brass bullet pen in their writing instruments display case.  While fancying other fountain pens…(that later became another love/collectibles of mine) – this woman walks in asking about letter writing paper and entry fountain pens.  The store owner there gave her advice on what type of paper they have for a smooth writing experience and the kind of fountain pens that makes writing pages enjoyable and not tiring to the hand.  I overheard their conversation and thought to myself at the time “Who still writes letters these days?  Why don’t people just send emails to keep in touch?”  – That day sparked my interest in exploring the possibilities of letter writing.  My friend had moved out west that year, she was the only person that I could write a letter too…  I was excited to put ink on paper and to mail my first letter in years.  I vaguely remember having a Penpal when I was in elementary schooland writing “notes” to pass along in class…  Since then, I made friends with several Pen pals overseas (I found them through postings on instagram).  A few of my pen pals I have corresponded with for over a year and have gotten to know them and care about them genuinely as friends.